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Want to do something different with friends, family or work colleagues? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want a nerf birthday party for 5 year olds, a full day of airsoft with your mates, or battle Darth Vader with our full contact light sabers we can guarantee an experience like no other venue.

Imagine turning up, parking in our free car park and immediately you’re senses are hit with surround sound blasting out from our game fields. A taste of what’s to come. You’ll make your way to our reception desk, passing our war hammer statue and star wars walker gate guardian, where you will book in.

Take a seat in our Star Wars themed diner and very soon one of our staff will greet you. A short safety brief follows and then its into battle. All of our activities take place in either our ‘Battle Town’, ‘Modern Warfare’ or ‘Indoor Holo Deck’ gaming fields. Each one is themed to look like computer game maps with full surround sound and floodlit for night games.

Once your gaming experience has finished its off to the Imperial Diner, after all, an Army marches on its stomach. Choose from one of our delicious menus, all served in military mess tins.

We pride ourselves on fantastic gaming experiences and awesome 5 star reviews. Our customers just keep coming back for more.

Battle town

Battle Town - Bespoke Close Quarter Combat gaming area

Battle town is a close quarter combat area, with overlooking sniper positions, lots of passage ways to replicate FIBUA (fighting in built up areas). This is a great area to hone your close quarter combat skills with a shooting distance of no more than 10m. Up close and personal.

Modern Warfare

Modern warfare bespoke Close Quarter battle area with 3 story ship and bunker complex

Lots of hiding places to spring surprise attacks on the opposite team – modern industrial location to make the game all the more real. Has a three store ship to fight through and realistic bunker area which is a bitch to fight through.


Darren Marsh

Darren served 22yrs in the Army and left with the rank of Sergeant Major. Serving with the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. When leaving the the Army he teamed up with Lee and created Battle Stations.

Shaun Derry ex member of the Parachute regiment

Shaun Derry

Ex member of the Parachute Regiment and helps provide training and running gaming sessions. Very experience Air Soft player and runs his own team which regularly competes at competitions.

Brett Mackenzie - ex British Army Infantry, KAPAP unarmed Combat Instructor and GROM UK firearms instructor

Brett Mackenzie

Ex member of The 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment and served in the same Platoon as Darren Marsh. Helps running gaming sessions and is also our in-house unarmed combat instructor and professional firearms instructor.



Firstly, what on earth is KAPAP? It's a highly developed Close Quarter Combat system designed for civilians. Perfect for self defence as it's easy to learn and practical for the modern world and all it's threats. Is is now at Battle Stations on a Saturday morning, for more details visit the website.

Corporate team building days

Battle Stations specializes in "Team Building" and Team Leadership Courses. We have a number of specially designed team building areas and activities that are Challenging, rewarding and fun, giving you the perfect environment to develop team cohesion, respect and effectiveness. We offer a one hour course to a full days package.