Battle Sabers

Saber sessions with the Force Academy

Battle Sabers

If you love Star Wars then you will truly love Battle Sabers. Our Battle Sabers are amazing. they feel great, sound great and look great. They are also full contact Sabers, so you can have real battles with the dark side. Battle Sabers is run in Battle Station’s purpose-built “Holo-Deck”. The dimly lit arena is the perfect place to learn all your skills from our Battle Master. Smoke, flashing lights and the surround sound make your experience unforgettable. We offer the following Saber Sessions;

Saber Experience Party Packs – (From £20.00) Meet with your battle Master, Your Saber chooses you! Will you turn to the dark side? learn how to use your Saber like a Jedi and work with your friends to sharpen your skill. But be careful, The dark side is strong at Battle Stations and many villains lurk in the shadows, YOU DONT KNOW THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE or when you will face your fears. This package includes all you need to feel the force. After your training, you will head to our Star Wars themed Diner, relax and enjoy a freshly cooked meal. Your meal includes your main choice, fries and a canned drink. You are more than welcome to bring your own cake and we will even play the “Happy Birthday” Tune for you. To finish off your visit, Battle Stations will present our VIP with a Birthday Gift. Book online or give the office a call on 01953 887174.

Saber Session – (From £15.99) Just want to grab a Saber and feel the Force. This package includes you need, Your Battle Master, Sabers and safety gear if you want to test your skills with your friends.  After Battle, unwind into our Star Wars themed Diner for snacks and drinks (Not included) or enjoy one of our scrumptious meal deals (Meal deals from £5.99). Book online or give the office a call on 01953 887174.

Saturday Saber Club – (£6.00) Join us every Saturday from 10 am to 11 am for saber fun. Let our Battle master and his Padawans teach you a how to use a saber with a series of fun games and activities, all with Star Wars twist.

The Force Academy – (from £6.00) the Force Academy runs Saber Training every Saturday from 11:30 am until 1 pm. Our Battle Master will teach you a structured syllabus for those who truly want to learn the ways of the Force. The training is treated as a form of Martial Art with a Star Wars Twist. You will learn many styles and techniques and progress through structured levels and undertake gradings as progressing toward the level of Battle Master. Your first two sessions are just £6.00. If you want to continue your training you can either just pay £12.00 per session or join the Force Academy Club and enjoy all the perks that Club membership offers.  Book online or give the office a call on 01953 887174 for more information.

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