Battle Airsoft

Battle Airsoft Adrenaline pumping games

Come and join us for the most exhilarating Close Quarter Battle Airsoft games in East Anglia. Whether you bring your own kit to use on our site, or you rent our fantastic automatic rifles complete with safety equipment and ammo, you are guaranteed a fantastic time.

We have constructed two bespoke multi-level outdoor games fields, allowing us to run unique games such team death match, rush, domination and much more. We also run night games as we are fully floodlit.


Guns for hire

airsoft weapons - AK47/glock/shotgun

If you are just starting out in the Airsoft sport, or you don’t want to buy guns, we can accommodate. Choose from our range of automatic rifles, pump action shotguns, or even melee weapons such as Glocks, when you buy a rental package. Simply go to our online booking system and select full or half day rentals. You get 1000 bbs for the full day and 500 for the half day.

Q. Does it hurt?

It depends on where you get hit, the angle and the proximity of the shot, but we supply full face masks, armoured gloves and body armour. It is advised that you don’t remove them whilst you are playing!

Q. Do you provide weapons?

Yes, when you purchase a rental pack.

Q. Do you need to wear protective clothing?

Yes, we recommend you turn up with long sleeves and trousers minimum. You will be provided a safety mask, a chest protector and gloves.

All Things Airsoft

Our Air Soft signature games at BSA

Learn from Real Snipers

Battle Sniper Course

Battle Sniper Course – Take your Sniper skills to the next level

Op Sledgehammer

OP Sledgehammer

Spend a full day or half day Battling it out with other Air Soft players!

Op Grim Reaper

OP Grim Reaper

Be prepared to be scared witless. A fight for survival against Zombies

OP Onslaught

Lot’s of themed games played in the evening – from only £15.99

Op Silent Wolf

OP Silent Wolf

With our night time skirmish sessions you will truly sample the fog of war – from only £15.99

The Golden Clock competition

The Golden Glock tournament

Fight it out with Professional teams for the ultimate Air Soft skirmishing



Firstly, what on earth is KAPAP? It's a highly developed Close Quarter Combat system designed for civilians. Perfect for self defence as it's easy to learn and practical for the modern world and all it's threats. Is is now at Battle Stations on a Saturday morning, for more details visit the website.

Corporate team building days

Battle Stations specializes in "Team Building" and Team Leadership Courses. We have a number of specially designed team building areas and activities that are Challenging, rewarding and fun, giving you the perfect environment to develop team cohesion, respect and effectiveness. We offer a one hour course to a full days package.