Golden Glock

The Golden Clock competition

The Golden Glock tournament

Grab your team-mates, grab your guns and head over to Battle Stations for our team airsoft tournament.

Teams of 5 to 7 players will go head to head in multiple short, sharp battles to be crowned champions. There are prizes for the top 3 teams. Each team will face different missions on the different battlefield’s making this the ultimate team challenge. Can you join the Spartans and the Devils Rejects on our roll of honour board?

Entry fee is just £15.00 player. Teams are a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 players. 5 players begin each battle but teams can rotate players throughout the day.

To reserve your team place, pay for one player and pay the rest on the day or get the rest of the team to pay online as a group or individually. Please remember to state your team name when you book. We are limited to 12 teams for Golden Glock

Boot Fair – Grab all your old gear, book a table (Just £5.00) and sell or swap the lot.

Meals – Get your day off to the perfect start by booking your Battle Breakfast for just £3.99 for a brew and large bacon roll. Also, book an afternoon meal for only £5.99

Brew Club – Book a Battle Brew Coffee Mug, we will print your name and your team Patch Logo on it and give you free top-ups for the life of the mug. Just buy your mug, send us your patch JPEG and we will do the rest.

The Golden Glock rules

Rule 1 – Area of Operations

1. Registering teams. To reduce delays, Team Captains are requested to help with the following:
a. Pre-competition. Send in their team name and a list of individual team names no later than 3 days before the competition. Name changes can be registered on the day.
b. Booking in on the day. Complete disclaimer form and food orders if required.
2. Safe Zones. All teams are to set up in the designated safe zone.
3. Game zones. Game zones will be active at all times. Only the teams playing at that time are allowed within the game zone boundaries.

Rule 2 – Players

4. The Number of Players. A game is played between two teams; each team consists of up to 7 players. No more than five players can play per game.
5. Team Captain. Each team will nominate a team Captain.
a. The Captain is the only person allowed to discuss with the Referee any questions relating to the interpretation of rules, which may arise during the progress of a game.

Rule 3 – Players Equipment

6. Uniform. It is highly recommended that teams wear identical or similar uniforms, but is not compulsory as armbands will be issued before each game.
7. Weapons. Teams will be allowed to use the following personal weapons:
a. 1 x AEG per person.
b. 1 x secondary sidearm per person.
c. 1 x shotgun can be used at any time, per game, by any player.
d. 1 x support weapon can be used at any time, per game, by any player.
e. 1 x sniper rifle can be used at any time, per game, by any player.
8. Ammo. For the duration of the tournament only .2g or .25g BB’s can be used. Each team player is allowed unlimited BB’s per game.
9. Pyro. Marshals must approve personal pyro during the Chrono session.
a. Heavy cased/BFG reusable pyro – Rolled underarm or dropped on the same level that you are on. No posting through windows.
b. Paper pyro – Over arm or lobbed permitted. Can be thrown up or down levels. Posting through windows permitted. Each player is allowed a total of 3 pyros (of any kind) per game, 6 per match.
10. Knives. Only rubber knives are permitted and must be shown to marshals on the chrono session.
a. Usage. A tap anywhere on the body only (no strike or stabbing).
11. Lasers. Laser designators are not permitted.
12. Radios. Radios can be used. Substitutes must switch off radios during gameplay.

Rule 4 – Match Officials

12. Player conduct. A player shall not challenge or dispute the rulings of a referee during a game. Only the Captain, can talk to the referee relating to the interpretation of rules.
13. Conduct – Each match is controlled by a referee who has full authority to enforce the Rules of Engagement in connection with the match to which he has been appointed.
14. Referee – Powers and Duties:
a. Enforces the Rules of Engagement.
b. Controls the match.
c. Ensures that the Gamers’ equipment meets the requirements.
d. Acts as timekeeper and keeps a record of the match.
e. Terminates the game, at his discretion, for any excessive
infringements of the rules.
f. Terminates the game because of outside interference of any kind.
g. Terminate the game if, in his opinion, a gamer is seriously injured
and ensures that he is removed from the Area of Operation.

Rule 5 – Match Format

15. A Match. A match consists of 2 timed games with teams swapping ends between games.
16. Wins. Games will be won by the team with least respawns or most objectives accrued. Points will be awarded as follows:
a. 3 points for a win.
b. 2 points for a draw.
c. 1 point for a loss.

Rule 6 – Gameplay

17. The Start of Play. At the start of each game, all players will start at their respective re-spawn points. Referees will start matches on a whistle blast and timer.
18. Admin tables. Teams can place all ammo/pyro/weapons required onto the game zone admin tables. After each game, both teams will have a set time to reload magazines/clips and swap ends. To ensure games start promptly, referees may award penalties to teams who are late returning to the game start points.
19. Team Rotations. To ensure delays are kept to a minimum, teams will need to rotate between games as quickly as possible within the time frame allotted.
20. Rotation. Team Captains will be given rotation sheets.
21. Respawns. Each game including the objectives will be explained by referees at the start of each game along with re-spawn delay times.
22. Substitutes. Substitutes can only be changed during games and must. Substitutes can assist in reloads and player changeovers.

Rule 7 – Method of Scoring

23. Method of scoring. When hit, gamers must return to their re-spawn area and adhere to the re-spawn delay for that game. This will count as 1 point. The team with the least amount of re-spawns or the most objectives met will win the game. More detailed rules will be given to teams during the safety brief on arrival.

Rule 8 – Safety

24. After booking in and signing disclaimers a full safety brief will be given. All
players must attend.

Rule 9 – Sin Bin Offences

25. Sin-bin areas will be clearly marked out next to team re-spawn areas. If a player is sin-binned they must immediately make their way to the sin bin area and wait for the 30-second penalty time to expire. The player must then make their way to the re-spawn point before entering the live game area. Sin-bin offences are:
a. Not taking hits.
b. Giving away the enemy location when a player is dead.
c. Using excessive abusive language.
d. Purposefully coming into contact with enemy players.
e. Using pyro incorrectly.
f. Moving outside the game zones.
g. Firing outside of the game zones.
h. Incorrect use of rates of fire as stated in the safety brief.
i. Arguing with the referee.

Rule 10 – Prize Giving

26. Prize giving will take place at the end of the competition. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.

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