OP Grim Reaper

Op Grim Reaper

Walk on’s £19.99, Rental pack £29.99 includes, weapon, 1000 bb’s, & safety gear. Book early as Op Grim Reaper is limited to 30 Players so book now! This is a full on close quarter battle Airsoft Skirmish story based Night Game with one big additional problem, Zombies! Not only do you have to survive against your opposing team, you have to avoid our Zombies. Our Zombies are part of the gaming area and add a new dynamic to the game. Infection is not an option. Be prepared to be scared witless!

Its another night of hi adrenaline fuelled Black Op’s games, designed to get you into action fast. Epic Game Maps with additional features just for night Ops. Full meal deal available in our indoor Diner. 6pm to 10pm (Doors open at 5pm to set up).

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