Vehicle Drills Course Level 1

Vehicle Drills Course Level 1


Cost £50.00, Minimum Course size 8 Students.

The Vehicle Drills Course will teach you everything that you need to know when operating in or from vehicles. The course will start at 0830hrs and finish at 2200hrs. Lunch and evening meals are included. We will cover;

Green Vehicle Drills including;

En-busing and De-busing Drills

Section / Platoon Contact Drills

Section / Platoon Anti-Ambush Drills

En-busing and de-busing Drills

Civilian Patrol Vehicle (CMV) & Civilian Patrol Vehicle (CPV) drills including;

Team Insertion and Extraction Drills

2 Man and 4-Man Contact Drills

2 Man and 4-Man Anti-Ambush Drills

Ilegal Vehicle Check Point (IVCP) Open and Closed Drills

Live & Dead letterbox Box Drills


Radio Voice Procedure (VP)

Please Note that this is not an extream Driving Course, you will not be practising J and U-Turns at this level


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